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Northern Exposure Fanfiction

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Name:Northern Exposure Fanfiction
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Q: What's this community for?
A: Any and all Northern Exposure fanfiction and fan creations. Het, slash, gen, you name it. Any rating, any pairing.

Q: Can I post my fanfiction directly to the community, or do I need to have a personal webpage?
A: You may post directly to the community. Please use a cut-tag for all story posts.

Q: Why population849?
A: From the FAQ: According to some publicity photographs, the population is 215 and elevation is 6572 feet. Other people have reported that Brand and Falsey set the town's population at 839, since they were originally paid $839,000 an episode. In "Survival of the Species" Ed states it as 849, which was confirmed in a few later episodes. Plus, the last reference in the last episode I watched was to it being 849.

Currently the community is cloned between population849 and [community profile] population849.

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